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Would you consider learning the beautiful Chinese language and getting to know our extraordinary long-standing culture? Would you conceive of becoming particularly interested in interactive and multimedia work to develop your career? Do you need to correspond with Chinese partners in your daily office work? Are you planning to take a marvellous travel to China? What could be more pleasurable than being sent to Shanghai for business cooperation and making significant contribution? Will you be searching for a successful purchase in Hong Kong? What about studying in Beijing in two years….? Compose yourself and ask the specific question.

On account of apparent culture difference as well as unlikeness in process of reasoning between Chinese and European Citizens, it’s pretty important for people who look expectantly for opportunities in China; and who would welcome the chance of profit and engage themselves in business as well as in cooperating work in China to start learning Chinese and be an active participant of Chinese culture cultivation and get the needful training.

Just imagine being invited to your chief’s birthday dinner in China: What is a proper gift? What is strictly forbidden? Such an occasion requires of you not only suitable present but also appreciative behaviour, if you think of promotion and a salary increase.

China opens a wide door for giant adventures and offers endless possibilities. Nevertheless, not every one can get the prize he dreams of. First thing first is to do some training in Chinese language and know the pith of our profound culture. It’s my endless pleasure to devote myself to teaching you Chinese and consulting you about Chinese Culture. I am offering you my full assistance with mature experience for your success, either in dealing with business affairs or culture consultation, or any other personal interests for China. The key to open a highly colossal treasure of Chinese Culture and Confucianism is in your hand while you start the first step to Chinese language learning and culture consultation.



1979 - 1982
Shanghai University, English as a foreign language, Business English
1984 - 1987
Shanghai Educational College, modern Chinese, English
1990 - 1998
Master-Study at TU Berlin, Anglistik and pedagogy

Employment & Experience

1982 - 1983
Teacher of English at Beihai High School in Shanghai
1984 - 1988
Fudan University Shanghai, leading an English theatre group for students
Teaching English at attached Boarding School of Fudan University
My main working experience was the introduction of modern English teaching methods instead of heavy grammar practice which gave reasons of student’s declining motivation in leaning English. I used to give demonstration lessons for teachers from other schools in the city Shanghai. I also took leadership of a training group for teaching qualification. Meantime I started a campaign of speaking standard Mandarin instead of Shanghai dialect in school areas.
1988 -1990
Chinese Embassy in East Berlin as a diplomat wife I had lots of engagement and activities across different cultures in combination to my master study at TU Berlin. I was in dedication of spreading Chinese language and culture wisdom. My participation covered from scientific conferences to culture events, social meetings and industrial exhibitions. I too spent time in doing student jobs at many places in Berlin to enlarge my life experience.
1991 - 2004
Maternal care for both my children


2005 – 2008
Founder of China-Business-Service and took continuing practice in teaching English and Chinese, translating documents from German into English and Chinese, participating business cooperation as well as coordination work of student exchange between Germany and China; Intercultural coaching and seminar.
2009 - present
  • Teaching English and German at Yong-Chang private school in Shanghai
  • Chinese teacher for business investors from Europe in Shanghai
  • Teaching German at Shanghai Lingua Culture Exchange Part. Ltd.
  • Teaching English at Shanghai Yucai Cultural Education Centre
  • Participation of annual educational exhibition in Shanghai
  • Freelance lecturer of Chinese and English
  • Intercultural coaching
  • Consulting about Chinese culture and life-philosophy, about Chinese society activities and doctrine of Confucian, Chinese indirect way of communication
  • Preparation for business management and company’s expatriated to China
  • Translation of diverse documents from German and English into Chinese or vice versa
  • Homepage translation from German into Chinese
  • Care of Chinese representative groups and work as interpreter in business meetings

Chinese & English - Courses

Basic Chinese (Mandarin) course for language schools in Berlin, each lesson 45 min.
  1. Textbook based on learning Chinese Pinyin, Chinese calligraphy, correct pronunciation and helpful Mandarin vocabularies as well as key sentences
  2. practice speaking, reading, writing and telephoning
  3. learning useful expressions in colloquial Chinese
  4. experience the pleasure of speaking Chinese among learning partners
Price: 22 € / 45min
Individual Chinese course, each lesson 45 min.
  1. Particular time–saving and suitable for individual need
  2. Textbook and set tasks are carefully chosen to match with individual learning ability and skills
  3. Learn and use helpful expressions in colloquial Chinese
  4. Time and place are in agreement with individual wishes, either at home or in office
Price: 25 € / 45min
Basic Chinese course for groups, at least three persons, but less than six persons, each lesson 45 min.
  1. Generally it takes the same learning routine like basic Chinese course in language schools
  2. Opportunities for frequent use and communication among learners
  3. Flexibility in time and place, either at home or in office
Price: 20 € / 45 min
Business Chinese course, each lesson 2x 45 min.
  1. Introduction of essential forms of Chinese business correspondence
  2. Main structure of Chinese business documents
  3. Practice makes perfect. Students will have chances to write and communicate in formal Chinese business language
  4. basic knowledge of Chinese is a bonus to learn success, but not a condition
Price: 22 € / 45 min
Intensive Chinese course for beginners and advanced students, each lesson 45 min. either in language schools or in accordance with personal need
  1. At least ten lessons in a week
  2. Mastering essential Chinese skills in colloquial and written forms, key sentences
  3. Practicing correct pronunciation and making reading and writing improvement step by step
Price: 22 € / 45 min
Chinese course on weekends or in the evenings, each lesson 45 min.
  1. Particular suitable and time–saving for anticipants have little time during weekdays
  2. Particular agreeable for learners with pleasure in family and friends’ circle like husband and wife, mother and son, brother and sister
Price: 22 € / 45 min
Chinese training for school or preschool children, each lesson 40 min.
  1. Learn Chinese with joy and with edutainment learning materials
  2. Exercising mainly in speaking and listening
Price: 15 € / 45 min
English basic course, each lesson 45 min.
  1. Learn essential English in daily life
  2. Exercising communicative colloquial English
  3. Basic Grammatical tasks to help students attain written skills in English (Textbook: New concept English, book one and book two)
  4. English idioms
Price: 22 € / 45 min
Business English, each lesson 45 min.
  1. Mastering the skill of business correspondence, particular in forms of electric communication like fax, e-mails and short messages
  2. Placement of orders of goods, marketing and advertisement
  3. CV in American and British style
  4. English business vocabularies
Price: 22 € / 45 min


1. Intercultural coaching

Introduction of necessary registration of Chinese authorities; including residential and working permission, police and community, school education, health insurance and health caring system, renting a house or a flat, bank accounts in China.

Introduction of Chinese custom and cultural decorum as well as traditional Chinese regimen, Chinese lifestyle and working philosophy, Chinese way of reasoning, Chinese direct way in thinking but indirect way of expression, Chinese superstitions etc.

Introduction of Chinese society activities and public life enjoyment.

Target group

Business managers, office clerks and company staffs, university students, trainees on China career and private clients too.

2. Relocation

Module 1:

Take charge of all formalities and appointments with German authorities as well as assistance of documental translation, pick-up from air-port, hotel reservation or renting a flat and signing contraction, registration of school or kindergarden, doctor’s appointments and shopping tour assistance.

Module 2:

Take charge of formalities and appointments with German authorities, hotel reservation or renting a flat, pick-up from air-port.

3. Translation & Text writing

Take responsibility for translation of business documents, contracts, pacts as well as business correspondence from German and English into Chinese or vice versa.

Homepage translation from German and English into Chinese Take translation work of booklets, director for use, pamphlets travelling guide and business card; Game translation from German and English into Chinese.

Take participation in business meetings and work as interpreter; Attentive care and interpreting work for German company’s business expatriated to China

4. Association

Take active part in association with Chinese cultural exchange organizations for exhibition and exchange need.


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